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Dress Accessories, c. 1150- c. 1450 (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London) [Paperback]

By Geoff Egan & Frances Pritchard

See note alongside,
an excellent reference book.


We recently asked our Forum members which book or books they would recommend as great reading for someone who was new to the hobby.

The following list has been compiled from that research and contains some fantastic titles. Yes, of course, you can buy them directly from the links below and we get a small commission from Amazon.


 Benet's Artefacts [Hardcover]


Paul Murawski

What more can we say, one of the best books out there for ID'ing finds !!

Spink - Coins of England and the United Kingdom

UKDN's favorite coin reference book. A must for every detectorist, beginner and experienced alike!!

The Medieval Household:
Daily Living
c.1150-c.1450  [Hardcover]

By Geoff Egan

This book and the book alongside will identify and date a huge number of the small finds made by detectorists especially those small mounts and fittings that seem to turn up on every dig!!

English Long-Cross Pennies, 1279-1489, Edward I to Henry VII: An Illustrated Guide to Identification

By Christopher Wren

A brilliant book but expensive via Amazon.

England's Striking History:
By Christopher Henry Perkins

Only a small book but a great starter for hammered ID's !!

Regton’s have them cheaper. Contact

Identifying Roman Coins [Hardcover]
By Richard Reece

One of our forum members said, “A decent "starter" Roman coin ID book”

Metal Detecting: All you need to know to get started [Paperback]

By Dave Crisp

This book gives invaluable information for any detectorist, from the absolute beginner, to those with years of experience.

Advanced Detecting: How to Improve Your Metal Detecting Technique and Finds Rate!

By Norfolk Wolf

This book will give a crash course to detectorists at all levels of experience

 Beginner's Guide To Metal Detecting 2012  [Paperback]

J Evan-Hart and D Stuckey

A great book, completely re-written from an earlier edition, for the beginner informing them of everything they need to know to get started in the hobby.


 Roman Coins and Their Values [Hardcover]

By David R. Sear

Just an amazing book for the collector of Roman coins. Simple words here cannot describe the quality of the content of this book.

 Prehistoric Flintwork  [Paperback]

By Chris Butler (Author)

One of our Finds Advisors said, “The recognised bible on the subject for anyone at all interested in flint tools and worked flint. A superb reference work.”  Enough said !!

 Buckles, 1250-1800 [Paperback]

By Ross Whitehead (Author)

A forum member said…

 “invaluable considering how many we dig up”

A great title, ideal for beginner or experienced user.