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Made of strong, durable 200 gauge polythene with grip-seal openings and with three write-on panels. Supplied in a three useful sizes to suit all occasions i.e.

1.5” x 2.5 inch for coins and very small finds,
2.5” x 3 inch for larger coins and artefacts
and 4” x 5.5 inch for the larger finds.

Sold in batches of multiples of 100 e.g. 100, 200 or 300

All sold at very competitive prices with no rip-off fees for postage. Purchase on the link on the below.

100 small bags - £2.95 INC. postage

200 small bags - £5.15 inc. postage

300 small bags - £7.35 inc. postage

100 medium bags - £3.25 inc. postage

200 medium bags - £6.70 inc. postage

300 medium bags - £8.90 inc. postage

100 large bags - £4.99 inc. postage

200 large bags - £6.99 inc. postage


Fair Sites of Scotland by Brian Cross

Written by UKDN Forum Founder Brian Cross this book researches all the Cattle, Sheep and Horse fair sites in Scotland. It is an excellent research tool for any detectorist intent on discovering some of these highly productive metal detecting sites.

Originally sold for £6.50 + postage Brian is offering these books to UK DETECTOR NET for a one-off price of £6.41 including postage and PayPal fees.

Archaeological-Type Finds Bags