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Thames Permits - New Regulations

In 2005 new guidelines were issued which will form part of the new permit system:

Dates and permits structure

* Permits will be issued from 1st April 2005 for one year only.

* Permits will have two parts - an ID/permit card and a "conditions" card

Permit types and use

There will be two types of permit:

A standard permit (of which there is also a One Day permit available). This allows you to dig to 3 inches (7.5cm) down and has restrictions on location

Mudlarks digging permit (you need to be a current member of the Society of Mudlarks). This allows you to dig up to 3 feet (1 metre) down and has less restriction on digging location.

Permit Costs

The costs of permits are as follows:

* Standard £35.00

* Mudlark £40.00

* Day permit £7.50

Reporting and recording regime

* All objects of archaeological or historical interest must be taken to the Museum of London for identification and recording , along with details of the locations and circumstances of discovery

* The museum will return the objects to the finder with a copy of the identification and PAS record

* This information needs to be passed onto Port of London Authority (i.e. the PAS record) at the time of the expiry of the holders permit.

* The PLA and The Crown Estate reserve their rights in relation to the ownership of objects found.

* If an object is believed to be treasure the Holder must notify the find to the Coroner within 14 days

Digging Restrictions

The areas that are restricted can be viewed in this NCMD document



Metal detectors: May be used on the foreshore. Whilst these new Permits do not cover the use of metal detectors when searching the foreshore, any digging resulting from such use is always subject to the requirements of this regime.

Renewals : Application for renewal of Permits should be made at least one month before its expiry to the PLA.

Safety : Health and Safety Executive (HSE) published guidance on safety in excavations. It is recommended that Mudlark Permit Holders obtain copies of the relevant information for their safety.

Contact and for further Information:

The Port of London Authority

Marine Administrative Support (Foreshore Permits)

London River House

Royal Pier Road



DA12 2BG

Tel  01474 562284

Fax 01474 562277